Parutions Presse 2012/13- Agence Haytham

 LeDesk_0055303.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Paris  -  
28/02/2012  -  
Misere urbaine; le metro.  -  
‟La trace du vieux bossu courbe.‟
 ‟Le Mythe de Sisyphe N?1‟
Ce vieux sans abri vit metro Opera a Paris.
Je l'ai repere hier depuis la fenetre du train alors que j'etais en retard, aujourd'hui aussi j'avais un rendez vous important , mais j'ai pris le temps de le voir evoluer . De l'entendre marmonner aupres de ses sacs. 
Je suis donc repasse quatre heures apres, je savais que j 'allais le retrouver non loin .

Ce vieillard bossu sans age et sans nom , je l 'ai surnomme Sisyphe

je l 'ai observe lors d'une premiere rencontre descendre et monter des escaliers tres peniblement trainant derriere lui tout son barda.
Je l'ai vu passe des journees assis par terre n'acceptant comme nourriture que des chips et du coka-cola donne par un epicier Indien de la station Opera.
Nourriture qu'il jete au loin parfois, comme si elle le degoutait.
Sa place me semble de toute evidence dans une maison de repos , 
Il dort la , et devoile toute son intimite de vieil homme , aux milliers voir dizaine de milliers de passants.
La police de la Ratp l'avais fait partir , mais il est revenu. 
Nous ne parlons pas ensemble , selon la ou il est assis il ronchonne plus ou moins.
La senilite me semble presente.
Pourtant il essaye de rester propre , fait ses besoins dans des sacs papiers, pret des robinets de la station
Sa place serait de mourir dans un lit d'Hopital.
 C8NRFR Raoni at the Chateau de Cheverny Raoni interview by a freelance anthropologist Sabah Rahmani translated by Jean-Pierre Duti
 CBKK0H Doha , Qatar, The Zig Zag Towers of Doha at night
 LeDesk_0025874.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Qatar / Golfe Persique / Doha  -  
09/12/2010  -  
Doha, Qatar.  -  
Musee d'Art Islamique de Doha
 LeDesk_0046806.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Boulogne-Billancourt  -  
19/11/2011  -  
Ile Seguin,le Pont Renault,Rives de Seine.  -  
Vue de l'ile, du pont,couleur d'acier.
 LeDesk_0028593.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Inde / Punjab / Amritsar  -  
01/09/2010  -  
‟Turban people of India‟
Visite chez les Sikhs du Temple d'Or d'Amritsar au Nord de L'Inde
Regards d'Indiens  -  
Portrait d'un Sikh , au Temple d'Or d'Amritsar
 Dormir sous les ponts de Paris.
 LeDesk_0051760.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Paris  -  
21/01/2012  -  
Misere urbaine, les ‟cloches‟ de Paris.  -  
La roumaine de la ‟Cour de rome‟,
Gare Saint-lazare (construite par gustave Eiffel)
(NB: Lazare au sens biblique du terme: le pauvre qui s'est assis devant la porte du mauvais riche).
 LeDesk_0036731.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Boulogne-Billancourt  -  
07/08/2011  -  
l'Ile Seguin Rives de Seine  -  
Friche industrielle,rive de seine,ile Seguin
 LeDesk_0035805.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Inde / Punjab / Amritsar  -  
03/09/2010  -  
Regard d'Indien: Amritsar.  -  
La Belle Indienne.
Femme de la communaute Sikh, livrant son ame au travers d'un regard profond.
 LeDesk_0054755.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Inde / Uttar Pradesh / Benares  -  
08/09/2010  -  
Le vieux Sage.  -  
Sagesse de l'inde, vieil homme un matin dans une ruelle de Benares.
 CBF2BJ BOMBAY Mumbai Indian Glance, Chowpatty Beach in Bombay in the evening
 LeDesk_0058046.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Versailles  -  
04/04/2012  -  
Arbre du domaine de Marie-Antoinette  -  
Arbre remarquable; Genevrier de Virginie ou Cedre Rouge.
Plante sous Napoleon 1er
 LeDesk_0050628.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Inde / Maharashtra / Bombay  -  
19/05/2010  -  
Une cite dans le bidonville de Dharavi.
 LeDesk_0050362.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Inde / Maharashtra / Bombay  -  
19/05/2010  -  
Bombay  -  
Le Dharavi slum ,le plus grand bidonville du monde.
 LeDesk_0029653.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur / Cannes  -  
08/05/2011  -  
Ile de Saint-Honorat. Monastere de l'Abbaye de Lerins; Nature et Spiritualite.  -  
Details de roche.
 03/11/2011  -  France / Ile-de-France / Paris  -  je lui pose des questions , et fait le tri dans ses reponses,afin de comprendre ce qui lui est arrive

03/11/2011  -  France / Ile-de-France (region) / Paris  -  I ask her questions, and is sorting through her ??answers, to understand what happened to her
 LeDesk_0033502.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Hongrie / Hongrie centrale / Budapest  -  
11/04/2010  -  
Portrait du Reverend Gabor Ivanyi, Le Martin Luther King Hongrois  -  
-Le Reverend Gabor Ivanyi, Ancien Depute, devant le Temple dont il est le Berger, au milieu des ‟cites‟de la banlieue de Budapest.
-Gabor Ivanyi?s words;
In the 1970?s the Hungarian Methodist Church split in 2 parts: for political reasons a group of people (and 12 pastors) were excluded of the church. This group, after 7 and ? years of illegality was recognized as Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship (us).
Because of that (while being chased from our houses, taken before the court, etc.) in the 70?s-80?s for 4 and 1/2 years we had church services ont he street, my children had Sunday school in a park in the neighborhood. 
Now, the Methodist Church was recognized again, plus they got a certification of an International  Methodist Organization that we are not real Methodists. Although our doctrines are the same. Buti t is true that we are not subjugate to any organization like that and were always free to have a dialogue e.g. with our Jewish brothers. (Our sins towards Jewish people ? contrary to France and Germany ? were never repented.)
Political elit is embarrassed and disturbed by the topics we are interested in: the poor, needy, homeless, Jews, Gipsies, etc. We always fighted for them under every government.
Since the 70?s (when it was still illegal) we have been working with the poor all over the country.
In 1981 finally our church was recognized by the state.
Since 1989 we do our social work legally through Oltalom Charity Society as well.
In 1987 we formed John Wesley Theological College ? as our people were not welcome at other theologies ? and when it was officially registered in 1991 we already had a class finishing.
Since 1993 we have secular education as well for 1000-1500 students: Social Work, Pedagogy, Environmental Safety. 
We have never asked to be supported as a church, but our (educational/social) work to be supported.
Loosing our status as a church means that we will get 50% less money which means that our work will slowly be destroyed down ad impossible to continue.
Until now we got 50% of the state in our budget, the other 50% through applications and the extra subsidee for churches.
It is clear that we couldn?t  keep our status as a church for political reasons. All the conditions and decisions are very subjectiv.

We have negativ experiences with most of the churches: the rcognized ones don?t say anything for the others, they are happy to be in and they don?t risk.
The excluded ones keep silence and hope that one day they will also be recognized. They don?t have unity to work or to protest together. It seems that we (Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship/Eglise Evangelique des Freres en Hongrie) are quite lonely in this battle, we can count on God. And there are (religious and non-religious people) who encourage us not to give up.

The Reformed and the Catholic Church took over lots of schools. We don?t agree with that. When we take over schools, it is for people who don?t have another chance, to help them, but not to make them members  of our church.

We will fight (already did) for our right sin Hungary, but also plan to turn to the European Court. But even in case we win, it takes 1,5-2 years. And we need to survive somehow.  At the moment the state is our debtor with several million HUF.
Message to Europe: it?s unbelievable that in the heart of Europe, in the 21st century such a discriminative situation can exist, like between the 2 world wars. Our leaders are pointing at other countries and they take over all the bad from Europe, refusing the good ones.
Hungary had an very good curch law until now that could have been examplery for other countries.
In the middle of the 90?s I baptized the 2 first children of Viktor Orban, but than he changed, they took them to another church and the others were baptized Reformed and Catholic.
At the moment we have 600 beds for homeless, and every day we take care of 1,000 homeless.
In our elderly homes there are 200 people. We help about 1,000 families all over the country. We have more than 20 institutions from kindergarten to highschool for more than 3,000 children. Over 90% of them are deeply disadvantaged. There is a kindergarten for 40 children of homeless parents.
The 2/3 majority of the Parliament (FIDESZ-KDNP) make changes of laws we never seen. They don?t communicate, they try to strengthen their power. 
They offend education and churches with their anti-constitutional acts and laws.

-Portrait from an american Pastor;
Gabor Ivanyi (61) is fast becoming a larger than life personality in his homeland. A modern Wesley, multitasking not on horseback; everything about him bespeaks of a Methodism come of age. Persecuted by the Communists for commitment to the Gospel, he shepherded his flock faithfully. Now, under the ever more dictatorial rule of a so-called Christian and nationalist regime, the congregations under his care became non-churches, and the Reverend a pariah. 
Freed from the shackles of Soviet rule, when his countrymen were still forward-looking and hopeful, he tried politics for a while, but the call for the ministry of the Gospel won over the enticements of secular power. He is back, serving the poor lovingly, and preaching reconciliation with Wesleyan fervor.
Not welcomed in the circles of the new elite (although he married the first couple), he serves the Gypsies in their sorrows and plays with children from the street. Providing for their daily needs is his greatest struggle and joy. 
Unstoppable a Protestant St. Nicolas, graced with white beard, pushing around his big body and grabbing the attention with a deep, fatherly voice, even Ivanyi?s enemies take notice. He knows the language of the academia, and with oratory skills he reminds Hungarians of better times. This landlocked country, stripped of her past glories by foreign envy and homemade sins, rarely makes the headlines anymore. Yet, World, be aware! 
Ivanyi?s homeland is in the heart of Europe. The rulers of Hungary buffeted the invading forces from the East, while teaching tolerance by example to the warring factions of Christendom. The land of Kossuth and Kodaly, the birthplace of countless inventors, is a master of survival sandwiched between land-eating empires. The paradigm has shifted - the struggle of today is for the soul. Ivanyi and soul-mates on one side, while populists preying on nationalistic ideals on the other, their tug of war just might be a precursor of times to come in the hardly unified small nation-states of the European Union.
The message and methods of Ivanyi are tested by time, and proved positive by the results. Those who seek justice and love mercy would enjoy the company of this humble, great man.
(Joseph Novak)
 LeDesk_0046801.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Boulogne-Billancourt  -  
19/11/2011  -  
Ile Seguin,le Pont Renault,Rives de Seine.  -  
Vue de l'ile, du pont,sur le chantier du nouveau quartier.
 CBBX5A View from window,, Spirit of the countryside
 LeDesk_0028157.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Inde / Punjab / Amritsar  -  
02/09/2010  -  
‟Turban People of India‟
Visite chez les Sikhs au Temple d'Or d'Amritsar au Nord de l'Inde 
Regards d'Indiens  -  
Station de train d 'Amritsar
 LeDesk_0030601.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Royaume-Uni / Angleterre / Londres  -  
21/05/2011  -  
Alondon !
a Londres  -  
Alondon !
a Londres
  Sans abri a Londres
 LeDesk_0058051.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Versailles  -  
04/04/2012  -  
Arbre du domaine de Marie-Antoinette  -  
Arbre remarquable; Genevrier de Virginie ou Cedre Rouge.
Plante sous Napoleon 1er
 LeDesk_0029512.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Inde / Maharashtra / Bombay  -  
19/05/2010  -  
Indian Glance  -  
Bidonville de Dharavi
 CBKJ1M Napoly, Bay of Naples and Vesuvius, Italy
 LeDesk_0058099.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Versailles  -  
04/04/2012  -  
Arbre remarquable du Hameau de La Reine  -  
Le platane au pied d'elephant
 07/12/2010  -  Qatar / Golfe Persique / Doha  -  Marchand Nepalais vendant des huiles et divers essences, parfums dans son echoppe, au souk.

07/12/2010  -  Qatar / Persian Gulf / Doha  -  Nepalese seller of oils, perfumes and fragrances in the Souq.
 LeDesk_0058086.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Versailles  -  
04/04/2012  -  
Arbre du Domaine de Marie Antoinette,
Esprit du printemps  -  
Le visage de l'Esprit.
Le Catalpa est un genre d'arbres originaire d'Amerique du Nord et d'Asie orientale appartenant a la famille des Bignoniaceae.
‟Catalpa‟ signifie ‟haricot‟ en langue Cherokee en reference aux longues gousses pleines de graines
 LeDesk_0040601.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
Inde / Maharashtra / Bombay  -  
19/05/2010  -  
Regard d'Indien: Bombay.  -  
‟Orange mecanique‟. 
Un chauffeur ayant decide de reparer la carrosserie de son taxi; il vit dans le Bidonville de Dharavi.
 LeDesk_0046183.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Ile-de-France / Boulogne-Billancourt  -  
07/08/2011  -  
l'Ile Seguin Rives de Seine  -  
Pont de ile Seguin , chemin de Halage.
 CC3XAM Buda & Pest, Hungary, Memento Park vestige of communism
 LeDesk_0045510.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Bourgogne / Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire  -  
27/05/2011  -  
l'Arbre et ses voisins,parcs et jardins  -  
Le Printemps et la fenetre
 LeDesk_0029711.jpg / Sylvain Leser / Le Desk  -  
France / Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur / Cannes  -  
08/05/2011  -  
Ile de Saint-Honorat; Monastere de l'Abbaye de Lerins.
Nature et Spiritualite.  -  
Freres Cisterciens durant la Messe dominicale de l'Abbaye de Lerins.